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Bombay Sweets was introduced to Milwaukee in the spring of 1999. Originally from Punjab, India, Narinder Kumar traveled through Asia and Europe. Ultimately, he ended up in the United States where he later started his business in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Narinder Kumar and his wife Babita Kumar both operated the business for 23 years before retiring early 2022. Bombay Sweets is one of Milwaukee’s first to offer a full array of traditional Vegetarian Indian cuisine and Sweets. Bombay Sweet’s menu focuses on both the northern and southern cuisines of India. Along with our freshly prepared home-style vegetarian specialties, we also offer an array of Indian Sweets and Snack to bring home a little part of India.

Our in house sweets consist of a variety; Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Jalebi, and our famous Ras Malai. The snacks we offer range from sweet and salty to extremely spicy. The food is incredible but more importantly, the service exceeds all measures. We have customers who come from Mequon, Kenosha and Menomonee Falls because they love Indian food, It’s no surprise that sweets are Kumar’s specialty. The restaurant, named after its signature items, creates dozens of milk and sugar based delicacies daily. A distinct flavor and texture classifies the Indian origins of these desserts; a customary milk base differentiates the texture from usual flour bases used in American pastries. Gulab Jamun, typically found in northern Indian regions, combines flour and double cream in a donut-hole looking pastry flavored with cardamom, saffron or rosewater. Samosas, a dumpling-like pastry filled with potatoes and vegetables, is deep-fried and spiced. Another appetizer, Pakora is made by coating a mixture of vegetables with chick pea flour and then frying them to a crispy brown. One of their signature breads, Aloo Parotha is pancake-thin but stuffed with an even thinner layer of spiced potatoes. The bread is moist, warm and perfectly delicious to be covered with any one of the restaurant’s long list of spreads and sauces.
Common in for snacks, meals and sweets; Bombay Sweets provides the perfect stop for lunch, dinner or dessert.

100% Pure Vegetarian

We recommended one of the Best Indian Vegetarian Restaurants in the state of Wisconsin. Come and enjoy a meal, a snack, or just a dessert without causing.

Traditional Family Recipes

From namkeen to mithai, we make every Indian dish available to you. Come and savor the tastiest Indian sweet delicacies at the Bombay Sweets.

Authentic & Fresh

Our flavors are not only bold; they’re traditionalauthentic and fresh too. A great variety of Indian dishes is more than a meal, it’s an experience. We provide it all!

We cater to all occasions

With more than 20 years of experience, Bombay Sweets has been catering for special occasions from birthday parties to corporate business events and gatherings. Whether social or business, choose Bombay Sweets and add a little Indian flavor to your next event.

Corporate Events

Event Planning

Wedding Meals

Buffet Stations

Social Gathering

Drop Off Catering

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We cater for all kinds of occasions, such as dinner parties, birthday parties, weddings, office parties, corporate functions, conferences, and event venues; customized to meet your budget needs.


I love that this place is all vegetarian.

Clean. Tasty. Fast Service. Cheap. Kind Gentleman at the Register. Their sweets which they are known for are amazing!The food is a cherry on top. I’ve been here six times in the last 3 weeks – guess I can say that some of their food is actually really good.

Pun Sharma


The food is amazing and the service is even better

Bombay sweets is one of my favorite restaurants in the Milwaukee area! The food is amazing and the service is even better. I’m lactose intolerant and one of my favorite Indian dishes is malai kofta which is milk rich, when I told them about it they were able to prepare the dish to accommodate my needs! The whole family aids in running the business and the food is authentic! The samosas are the best and I know my family in Illinois loves to come up here just for the samosas! I would recommend Bombay sweets to everybody!

Harjot Mehesh

I've tried something new every time and i'm impressed

Im definitely not someone who will be accused of being a vegetarian but it doesn’t matter here. I’ve tried something new every time and i’m always impressed. The korma is by far my favorite, but the bread selection is unreal. Super friendly and quick too. If it’s your first time, order like 5 or 6 things, you’ll find something you’ll like. Prices are also fantastic. I usually get take out which has always been on point.

Daniel Walkowiak

Vegetarian Restaurant and Confections • Since 1999

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